1st – 2nd July, Milton Keynes







Explore CAV Data

CAVs generate vast amounts of data. How can we make use of data either to improve the operation of CAVs, or to improve transport generally? Ideas include machine learning, computer vision techniques and data sharing between vehicles. Numerous data sources will be provided for the Hackathon, including from our own TSC pod in Milton Keynes and global open source data.

CAV Ecosystem Business Models

CAVs will be creating new and exciting opportunities, from small delivery pods to in-car entertainment services right up to giving you the ability to release your private vehicle into fleet of shared autonomous public transport vehicles. How can we help develop new business ideas for CAV ecosystem? Can we create new ones, and build prototype solutions and business models? Can we test any business model ideas using data TSC has available.

Build a LUTZ simulation

TSC has a ‘virtual Milton Keynes’ to play with, which can incorporate vehicles running around within the model. The algorithm could be improved to better simulate the true behavior of the physical pod. Can these improved algorithms be developed and implemented? How can they be used for control development in simulation and the real world? Can the simulator be used to replay the real route driven (recorded or live) by the pod?

Environmental Impact

The health risks and environmental impacts associated with road vehicle emissions are a primary concern at present. How could CAVs help make a positive environmental impact? Can you develop ideas, business models, visualizations to help inform decision makers? You will have access to the TSC CAV environmental model created for DfT.

Accessible CAV Design

Can you come up with design ideas for CAVs that make them accessible and acceptable to all? How will your design be used by people with visual, hearing or mobility impairments? How will they be used by elderly people? How will vehicles interact and communicate with pedestrians, cyclists, drivers of other vehicles and other road users?



Delivery Partners

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Event Details


• You must be 18 or over to apply and can be from Academia, Industry or Government

• We are looking for coders, data scientists, business thinkers, artists, designers and others

Hackathon Weekend (1st/2nd July 2017)

•  IMCreate CAV Hackathon kicks off at 9:30am, Sat 1st July, at Transport Systems Catapult in Milton Keynes. Starting with introductions, then challenges will be described and leading to team formation. As well as coming along as individuals and forming teams at the event, you can come with a pre-formed team (max. 5 members), however, all members of the team must register individually.

• FREE FOOD and DRINK will be provided all weekend.

• Teams will deliver 3 min pitches of their prototype solution from 1pm on Sun 2nd July in front of an expert judging panel with the top three teams going forward to the Showcase Final. The event will finish at 2.30pm.

• Some teams will hack through the night, however if you would like to get some rest bring along your roll mat, sleeping bag and toothbrush.

Showcase Final (6.30 – 9.30pm, Wed 12th July)

• The top three teams will have 9 days after the Hackathon Weekend to develop their prototype solution further for pitching at the Showcase Final, including business model and marketing ideas.

• Top three teams will deliver 8 min pitches in front of expert judging panel 1st, 2nd and 3rd places announced!

• Opportunities to network over food and drink.

• Transport and technology leaders from industry, academic and government will be present.

• Register to attend the Showcase Final here

If you have any questions please email us at imcreate@ts.catapult.org.uk


Hardware Lab

‘IMCreators’ will have access to cutting edge hardware to prototype solutions such as TSC’s own Visualisation Lab including omnidirectional treadmill, Vesaro Driving Simulator, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive with eye tracking upgrade, Leap Motion, Google Daydream, Fove eyetracking headset, Microsoft Hololens, GoPro Omni 360, 4K capable drone and many more.


Data catalogued in TSC’s Intelligent Mobility Data Index – imdata.co.uk, will be made available as well other exclusive data sets. These will provide the digital fuel to help kick start participants’ creative engines!

Location and Venue

Kickoff Venue

Transport Systems Catapult

170 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 1BP